Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is a broad term that typically involves claims for money damages. Our civil litigation work includes representation of individuals and businesses in a wide range of legal matters, from claims arising out of construction injuries, car accidents, property losses, slip and falls, employment claims, wrongful death, contractual disputes, product failures, administrative hearings, business disputes, and domestic relations.

We advocate for our clients in trial, administrative, and appellate courtrooms and hearings throughout the upper one-third of the State of Illinois. Please click here to take a look at our map of counties covered in Illinois . We also serve as local counsel for out-of-state clients.

Not all claims are resolved in a courtroom. We help parties resolve disagreements through alternative means by offering objective and neutral alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation and arbitration.

Insurance Defense

SpyratosDavis LLC has an experienced team of attorneys focused on informed, effective representation of both insurers and their insured policyholders. Our law firm represents insurance company clients in defense of civil law suits and first party claims for underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. We travel throughout the upper one-third of Illinois to courtrooms and other venues on a regular basis to handle cases and claims. Please click here to review our map of counties covered in Illinois.

We handle cases and claims in the following areas: Construction, Automobile, Transportation, Worker’s Compensation, Municipal, Premises, Products Liability, Professionals, Errors and Omissions, and Employment. We have extensive experience in handling higher end claims involving brain injuries, amputations, DUI, and wrongful death.

We partner with our insurance clients and provide early and candid case assessments, realistic budgets, necessary tasks, timely reporting, and compliance with legal vendor guidelines. We measure key metrics and performance. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Construction Accidents

We handle all aspects of construction law and litigation, from delay claims, defect claims, construction site injury claims, property damage claims, mechanic’s liens and breach of contract litigation. We represent a wide array of contractors, property owners and developers, suppliers, manufacturers, landlords, management companies, and condominium associations.

Automobile Accidents

Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage claims arising out of automobile accidents. We handle higher end claims involving brain injuries, amputations, DUI, and wrongful death. We respond to accident scenes with industry experts on an emergency basis, where we gather facts, survey the scene, preserve evidence, and counsel our clients.


We counsel and represent transportation professionals including drivers, suppliers, and transport companies in claims arising out of trucking accidents and transportation claims. We understand and monitor updates to local and national motor carrier safety regulations governing our clients’ businesses. Our emergency response team appears on the scene with industry experts and proactively gathers and preserves evidence, statements, and information.

Worker’s Compensation

We handle worker’s compensation claims from the accident investigation through hearing. Additionally, we recover worker’s compensation payouts from those parties that caused the losses. Please see our explanation of subrogation services.

Municipal Law

We represent municipalities, municipal insurers and municipal risk pools in cases involving municipal law, including the application of the Illinois Local Governmental and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act. We defend a variety of government employees in civil litigation claims and suits.

Accidents on Property

We litigate premises liability claims and suits brought against homeowners, as well as owners, operators and managers of commercial properties. We handle claims ranging from slip and falls, acts of negligent third parties, improper maintenance, negligent security, falling merchandise, lack of effective warning signs, inadequate security or lighting, false imprisonment, and elevator and escalator injuries.

Products Liability Accidents

Our attorneys have extensive experience in strategizing against, defending, and managing products liability claims and lawsuits involving strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty and UCC, defective design, defective manufacture, and failure to warn. We also counsel and work closely with our clients to ensure that they have instituted proper internal practices and procedures to manage and minimize products liability risks.

Professional Liability

We litigate disputes arising out of claims of professional negligence for building design and construction defect claims, errors and omissions claims, and claims associated with alleged malpractice against architects and engineers, surveyors, accountants, agents, brokers, appraisers and attorneys.

Employment Claims

We counsel and represent employers and employees in employment dispute claims and administrative mandates. We evaluate applicable insurance coverages, counsel our clients, facilitate resolution, and/or litigate throughout the administrative process or lawsuit.


We have extensive experience prosecuting and defending claims for subrogation damages. We represent insurance companies and their insureds in subrogation claims arising out of construction losses, gas explosions, product liability, work injuries, automobile accidents, construction accidents, contractor liability, loss of business opportunity, and/or premises liability, among other issues.

We often intervene into a pending lawsuit to recover a subrogation lien interest. We do not sit on the sidelines and hope for an optimum outcome a few years down the line. Instead, we actively participate in the litigation and drive the case to a conclusion with better results on a shorter timeline.

Commercial Litigation

We represent companies and individuals in their business disputes. We begin by sitting down with our client and listening. We formulate a plan based upon the unique issues of the claims involved, and we provide realistic solutions and legal budgets. Our commercial litigation work includes breach of contract, employment issues, covenants to not compete, collections, construction disputes, restraining orders and disputes among business owners.

Risk Management

Planning to avoid injuries and legal disputes is essential. We help our clients by gaining a hands-on, solid understanding of their business practices, and identifying and discussing the inherent legal risks. We develop and implement plans for the workplace and business operations that seek to avoid injuries, losses, injuries, and litigation. We partner with our clients and offer an open door policy for inquiries and updates to our risk management recommendations. Additionally, we oversee claims under a Self-Insured Retention (SIR) threshold, as well as claims being handled by our clients’ insurers to ensure that our clients’ best interests are being protected.

Insurance Coverage

Our insurance coverage attorneys handle insurance disputes and litigation in the context of first party coverage, third-party coverage, declaratory judgments, insurance defense, and subrogation on behalf of a large group of auto, premises, commercial, and professional insurance carriers.


Through strong and experienced research, writing and creative oral argument, our attorneys plan and execute the most efficient post-trial and appellate strategies for the benefit of our clients. We have experience arguing before the Supreme Court of Illinois and the Illinois Appellate Court districts throughout the state, as well as in the United States Courts of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Family Law

At SpyratosDavis LLC, we strive to find cooperative solutions to family law disputes that do not sacrifice the future relationships of the parties involved. We offer reasoned counsel, practical recommendations, and affordable legal services. We represent clients through both simple and complex divorce proceedings, and we handle child custody and child support cases, alimony and maintenance, visitation and parenting agreements, prenuptial agreements, and work to obtain family-related restraining orders for clients who are victims of domestic violence or abuse


Notwithstanding Illinois’ mandate that all drivers carry liability insurance, getting into an accident with an uninsured driver is not a rarity. The victim of an uninsured driver likely has rights to bring a first party claim against his or her own insurer arising out of such an accident. We frequently counsel, litigate and facilitate resolution of claims for uninsured motorist benefits


Underinsured motorist coverage is triggered when an individual who is insured gets involved in an accident with someone whose insurance coverage is less than theirs. The first person is thus underinsured, and makes a claim against his/her own insurer for underinsured motorist benefits. We regularly investigate and resolve via arbitration or settlement claims for underinsured motorist benefits.


A trial is not the only means by which to resolve a legal dispute. Sometimes, due to the value of the case, the parties involved or other factors, a courtroom is not the best place to resolve a legal conflict. Other times, contracts or court rules or orders require the parties to attempt alternative dispute resolution (ADR) prior to trying their case in a court of law. We represent clients in formal arbitration (binding and nonbinding), third-party mediation and counsel-mediated negotiation. Our partners also serve on arbitration panels.

Corporate Law

We represent clients in a wide variety of business and commercial law matters. We guide new businesses through the business formation process, prepare contracts and agreements, annual reports and minutes, negotiate business transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and advise clients in risk management, among other services offered.

We counsel clients on avoiding employment disputes via drafting and negotiation of employment and separation agreements; development and implementation of human resources policies that are compliant with local, state, and federal law; and the resolution of employer-employee disputes. We represent clients in a variety of forums, including federal and state trial and appellate courts, as well as before administrative agencies, such as the EEOC, and various municipal agencies.