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Purposeful Litigation.

People and their companies trust us to be their champion in their most critical moments of legal opportunity and vulnerability.


Strategic Attorneys

As soon as our law firm is hired, our attorneys prepare an initial strategy to resolve your case.


Thoughtful Litigators

There is more to litigation than courtroom dramatics. Our seasoned litigators are prepared to put forth a well-thought case on your behalf.


Problem Solvers

Our solution-focused strategies are designed to solve problems and resolve your case successfully.


Compassionate Thinkers

We put the person first. Litigation or family law cases can be immensely stressful, so we always aim to minimize the emotional toll.

Litigation and Divorce Attorneys Located in DuPage County

Experienced DuPage County Law Firm Handling Litigation, Family Law, and More Serving Northern Illinois

Our firm handles a variety of civil law matters, including personal injury, construction litigation, and business and employment law. We can meet a large variety of legal needs within our firm of attorneys with diverse legal experience. Whether you have been accused of causing a motor vehicle accident that left someone injured or need an attorney to review the noncompete clause you want your employees to sign, you can find the help you need here. We proudly represent both individuals and businesses who are involved in litigation.
Anyone can become involved in a civil court case. Family law is one of the most common legal needs in the community. If you have a spouse or a child, you are more likely to need a family law attorney at some point. Divorce and child custody are generally the two main categories of family law cases. However, family law also includes parentage issues, adoption, child support, and more. These cases can impact every part of your life, from when you can see your child to whether you can continue to receive support from your spouse after divorce.


Our seasoned courtroom attorneys will never shy away from taking your case to trial if going to trial is likely to yield better results.



Insurance Coverage and Defense

Our skilled insurance defense lawyers will do all we can to protect your company against dubious claims.




When litigation is not right for you, we have achieved outstanding results by negotiating out of court with the help of a mediator.



Family Law

No case is more personal than a family law case. We recognize this and fight as hard as we can to get the results you want.




People divorcing today have many options for how to approach their cases. We will discuss options like mediation, attorney-run negotiation, and contested divorce.


Independent Thinkers
With Realistic Solutions

You likely have an ideal solution for your case. Your ideal outcome may be getting full custody of your children. It may be the plaintiff admitting fault for the accident and dropping the case. While these outcomes are not necessarily realistic in the vast majority of cases, our attorneys will do everything in our power to get you as close to your ideal result as we can. No matter the type of case, we always conduct a full, independent investigation into the circumstances. This allows us to see the full truth so that we can begin crafting our arguments on your behalf.

Our attorneys think outside the box to find solutions that work for you. Whether that means finding a creative way to repair the function of a business contract that was breaking down or making an inventive parenting plan to account for special circumstances, we are always focused on creating a solution.

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When you need a law firm that can do it all, look no further than SpyratosDavis LLC.
We are one powerful team with countless practice areas.

Can one law firm really do it all? We wholeheartedly believe the answer is yes. Our firm is comprised of attorneys with backgrounds in diverse legal subject areas, from auto accident representation to adoption, giving us the collective experience needed to provide top-quality representation in a wide variety of legal matters. We have a team that is well-qualified and well-practiced in both family law and civil litigation. Depending on the type of case and the needs of the client, we can vary our approach so that each client gets the type of representation they need. We take a highly strategic and creative approach to practicing law.

We work well both in court and out of court. In both family law and other civil litigation, we often work towards an out-of-court resolution. Divorce and child custody cases in particular are often resolved this way. However, we are seasoned litigators. We are experienced and at home in the courtroom. If your case needs to be resolved in court, we are ready to fight for you.

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