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Contrary to how litigation is portrayed in the media, most people who become personal injury plaintiffs do so out of necessity to pay for medical bills, time missed from work, pain, and a decrease in abilities, whether for a short or long period of time. Personal injury damages payments are designed to compensate plaintiffs fairly for their losses. The defendant can be required to make up for any loss they caused to the plaintiff.

An injury can set off a sort of domino effect in the plaintiff's life. First, they have a medical bill. Then, they cannot work for some time and will likely lose income. Or, they must accept a lower-paying position because their injury is permanent. In the elderly, a minor injury can quickly escalate into a life-threatening problem. It is easy to see why many people who have been injured do exercise their right to litigate.

SpyratosDavis LLC is committed to helping people who have been injured due to another party's carelessness. Our attorneys can help with matters involving motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip or trip and falls, or dog bites. We have the experience needed to put forth the best possible case on your behalf.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in DuPage County

Out of all the dangers people encounter in their daily lives, careless drivers are among the most worrisome. Driving, walking, or riding a bicycle can be very risky if you come into contact with a driver who is distracted, going too fast, not following driving laws, or drunk. There is often little or nothing you can do to prevent a careless driver from injuring you.

Our attorneys will perform a detailed investigation into your motor vehicle accident. We may use reconstructions or bring in an expert to help us prove what caused the accident. In some cases, we may find that it was not driver error, but a defective part that caused the collision. We will strive to identify the party responsible for your injuries and win you the compensation you deserve.

Injuries on Property

When you are welcomed onto another party's premises, that party has a certain duty to make sure the property is reasonably safe for visitors. If you were injured in a store, bar, restaurant, or at another person's house due to an unreasonably dangerous condition, you may be owed compensation. Our attorneys can investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident on someone else's property, gather evidence showing that the property owner was negligent, and help you recover compensation for the damages you have suffered due to your injuries.

Types of Compensation Available in Personal Injury Cases

The goal of compensation in personal injury cases is to make up for harm the defendant caused to the plaintiff. If you prevail in your personal injury claim, you may be able to recover:

  • Lost income
  • Lost future income, if your earning potential changed as a result of your injury
  • Medical costs
  • Long-term care costs
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Other noneconomic damages, such as loss of your normal life
  • Property damage
  • And more

The compensation you may be able to receive will depend on the types of expenses you have incurred and will incur in the future as a result of your injury. Our goal is to get you the amount of compensation to which the law entitles you.

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If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to the negligence of another party, SpyratosDavis LLC may be able to help you recover financial damages. Our dedicated DuPage County personal injury attorneys will do all we can to see you receive every dollar you deserve. Contact us at 630-810-8881 to arrange your introductory consultation.

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