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Owning real estate property can be a joy. There is nothing like having land and a house of your own. Unfortunately, there are situations where someone else may have some type of claim to your property—legitimate or otherwise. Being involved in a property dispute can cause you to feel insecure in your own home or on your own land. Property disputes can be frustrating for all involved. You need an attorney who is experienced in dealing with the complexities of property law.

SpyratosDavis LLC has a confidence gained from years of experience fighting for people dealing with property disputes. Whether you are battling an unwanted easement, defending against a title dispute, or fending off a neighbor's encroachment onto land you believe is legally yours, we will fight for your property interests. Although many matters resolve prior to court involvement or trial, if your case proceeds to litigation, our seasoned attorneys stand ready to fight for you in court.

Lisle, IL Boundary Dispute Attorneys

Boundary disputes are one of the more common types of property disputes between neighbors. These conflicts often begin when one party builds a new structure, like a fence or shed, that the plaintiff believes is on or over the property line. In other cases, the conflict may begin when one party happens to look at a property map or has a survey and realizes their plot of land is bigger than they thought.

These disputes are common, and there are several possible solutions. We will work towards the one that is best for you.

Title Dispute Lawyers

If your house has some history, or if you were told at the time of purchase that it has a confusing or complicated chain of ownership, you are more likely to face a title dispute. A title dispute occurs when someone other than the person who resides in and believes they own the property makes a claim to all or part of the property based on some evidence suggesting they have some ownership of the house or property.

If you are facing such a challenge, it is important to have legal representation. While such claims may not be true, it is essential to let a skilled attorney handle the case.

Homeowners' Association and Condo Association Disputes

Living under a Homeowner's Association or Condo Association can be frustrating at times. In some cases, HOAs or Condo Associations may bring legal action against their members. Placing a lien on the house or condo due to unpaid dues or fines is a common type of dispute. HOAs and Condo Associations typically have attorneys. You do not want to battle one without your own legal representation.

In other situations, you may have a problem with your HOA or Condo Association that the association refuses to settle. When you cannot get resolution, we can assist with filing a lawsuit and engaging in litigation or determining whether these matters can be resolved outside of court.

SpyratosDavis LLC represents HOAs and Condo Associations as well as people involved in disputes or lawsuits with their associations.

Law Firm for Easement Issues

Having an easement on your property is common. An easement gives another party the right to enter or use a certain part of the property for a specific reason. For example, if there is a utility pole in your yard, the utility company likely has an easement that allows them to keep the pole there and enter the property to manage it.

Easements can lead to disputes for many reasons. A landowner may fight an easement, written or unwritten, or another party might demand an easement the landowner is not willing to allow. The laws concerning easements can be very complex, and it is best to be represented by an attorney who is highly familiar with them.

Construction Litigation Attorneys

Any construction project can become more complicated than anyone anticipated very quickly. When something goes wrong on a construction project, you may have a lot of money on the line. Our attorneys are experienced in construction litigation, and we can fight for you in court or in settlement talks with equal skill.

SpyratosDavis LLC handles all aspects of construction law and litigation, from delay claims, defect claims, construction site injury claims, property damage claims, mechanic's liens, and breach of contract litigation. We represent a wide array of contractors, property owners and developers, suppliers, manufacturers, landlords, management companies, and condominium associations.

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SpyratosDavis LLC's attorneys are highly experienced in litigating property disputes. While we are able to settle many cases out of court, we are also well-prepared for a trial. Contact us at 630-810-8881 to arrange your initial consultation.

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