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A lot of people who are getting divorced have mixed feelings about the proceedings. If you are getting divorced, it is likely that you were not happy being married to your spouse. In this regard, getting divorced might feel like a relief. You might enjoy the newfound freedom to explore your interests and do the things you like to do again. However, some people also feel sad that an era in their life has come to an end. This is more common when the divorce is amicable. It is also normal to be worried. Regardless of your role in the household, you likely depended on your spouse in some ways. You might have some fears about needing to be independent in ways you were not before.

SpyratosDavis LLC can be there for you at every stage in your divorce process to represent your interests. We will keep fighting for you until we have a divorce decree that is fair and just, leaving you in the best position possible. Our attorneys have seen many divorce cases play out, and we have won many favorable divorce decrees for our clients, so we are prepared for anything in your case. When we first meet with you, we will ask a lot of questions to help us understand the circumstances of your case better. We can provide you with the best representation when we see both the big picture and the important details, so we will take the time to get to know you and your case.

How Is Marital Property Divided in Illinois?

In Illinois, courts have a lot of discretion when dividing marital property. Our state laws state that marital property must be divided "equitably," meaning fairly, which may not necessarily mean equally. Courts are given a list of factors to consider when deciding how to divide marital assets, including each spouse's earning potential and each spouse's contributions to the marriage.

However, most people do not ask the court to divide their property. Divorce mediation can be a very effective solution for spouses who wish to avoid the expense and hassle of going to court. If you choose mediation, we will still be there to look out for your best interests, negotiate on your behalf if needed, and see to it that your legal rights are protected.

Can I Receive Spousal Support?

You are more likely to be awarded spousal support if you were married for a long time and did not work for pay or earned a significantly lower income than your spouse. The court will consider factors like your earning potential and the standard of living during your marriage, which we will make every effort to present in a favorable manner.

What is a Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan is exactly what it sounds like. Parents who get divorced must have one in place before their case can be closed. A parenting plan must cover:

  • Parenting time - Parenting time means the time a parent actually spends with their child, and it used to be called "physical custody."
  • Child support - The child may be entitled to receive support from the parent with less parenting time.
  • Parental decision-making rights - It must be determined who has the right to make certain decisions for the child, such as how they should be educated and what type of medical care they should receive. The decision making can be assigned jointly to both spouses or can be allocated to one spouse or the other.

A parenting plan can be decided by mutual agreement of the parents or by the court.

Post-Decree Modifications

If one party has undergone a significant life change, it may be possible to have your divorce decree modified to reflect the change. Some types of life changes, such as relocating with children, require court intervention in almost all cases. Others, such as one party losing their job, might require changes to the existing spousal support or child support obligations.

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