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Mediation Attorneys for Family Law Disputes in Chicagoland Area

Mediation has rapidly become the most popular way for people to settle family law disputes. Everything from divorces to child custody cases are now being resolved outside the courtroom with the help of a mediator. It is clear why mediation has become so popular. If an agreement cannot be reached with mediation or out-of-court settlement negotiations, the only other way to resolve a family law case is to litigate a case in court and ask a judge to make the necessary decisions. Going this route can be very expensive, not to mention stressful and emotionally draining. It is also important to keep in mind that almost anything said in court is a matter of public record, while anything said in mediation is private and usually is not admissible in court. If you have children, using mediation can spare them the stress of testifying in court or being involved in the conflict between their parents.

SpyratosDavis LLC makes mediation work for most people. We are experienced in representing clients who are using mediation to resolve their family law cases and other legal disputes. Our attorneys understand how to effectively advocate for our clients in court or in the mediation room. We are there to protect your rights and advise you as you work towards a solution. Whether you are getting divorced, establishing a parenting plan as unmarried parents, addressing motor vehicle accidents or other personal injury cases, involved in business or employment disputes, have encountered property disputes, or need to resolve issues related to insurance coverage, our goal is to reach an agreement that is good for you.

Divorce Mediation Attorneys

When you meet with us to discuss your divorce case, we will talk with you about each issue that must be addressed. Most modern divorces involve a number of complex issues, like how marital property will be divided and how the parties will co-parent any children born to them. We will discuss each issue with you in order to understand your individual needs and priorities so that we can develop an individualized strategy.

During mediation, we will be with you as the mediator guides you and your spouse through each issue. Our role is to advise you about what rights you might have if your case went to court so that the other party does not take advantage of you. We can also advocate for you in a way that is specific to your needs, remaining firm on the most important issues affecting you or your children.

Mediation in High-Conflict Situations

Even if you and the other party are not on civil terms, mediation may work for you. There are some styles of mediation that do not require you to see or speak with the other party directly. We will assess your circumstances to see if this type of mediation might be best for you. Often, parties are better able to reach reasonable agreements when they do not have to be around each other. We will aggressively look out for your interests if your case involves a high degree of conflict, and we will facilitate the appropriate type of mediation.

Mediation in Family Law Cases

Mediation can be used to settle many types of family law cases. Parents who were never married to each other can take advantage of family law mediation to establish a parenting plan. A parenting plan is a comprehensive series of agreements regarding issues concerning the child. Issues covered in a parenting plan include child support, custody, visitation, and decision-making rights.

Cases Where Mediation May Not Be Appropriate

While mediation is an excellent solution for most people, there are certain cases where mediation is not recommended. If there has been domestic violence within the family unit, mediation may be harmful to the survivor. Abusers are less likely to be fair to the other party during mediation. Additionally, if your spouse has a mental illness or substance abuse problem that may interfere with their ability to participate meaningfully in mediation, we may need to take your case to court.

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SpyratosDavis LLC has many years of experience using mediation to resolve family law conflicts. Our strategic Lisle family law attorneys will strive to make mediation work for you while carefully guarding your interests. Contact us at 630-810-8881 to schedule your initial consultation.

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