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The transportation industry is a highly complex, highly competitive, and highly regulated field. If you work in the field, you understand just how deeply complex the logistics of transporting goods around the country or world can be. Trucking and other transportation industry professionals carry a lot of responsibility, both to comply with federal and state regulations and to take steps to protect the safety of employees and anyone else on the road near them. Ensuring compliance with safety regulations is often a full-time job for multiple people in a larger operation. Even when every precaution is taken, mishaps still happen. A driver in a fleet may cause an accident, or the contents of a truck could come loose. When your business is threatened by personal injury litigation or is facing fines, you need an experienced and aggressive attorney.

SpyratosDavis LLC has been providing high-quality representation to professionals in the transportation industry for years. We are very familiar with the federal regulations that govern trucking and transportation agencies. Our goal is to help keep your company in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations to reduce your liabilities. We are also skilled litigators if the need should arise for us to defend you in court.

Representation After an Accident

Accidents in the transportation industry are bound to happen. You should not be surprised if your company gets involved in a motor vehicle collision. However, you should expect a personal injury lawsuit to be filed against you. Just as the plaintiff's attorneys are likely to investigate or attempt to reconstruct the accident to "prove" that a truck driver was liable, we will do the same in an effort to show that your driver may not have been at fault.

Our attorneys will work to preserve or gather any needed evidence as quickly as possible after an accident. If there was an issue regarding the safety of the vehicle itself—for example, if a tire blew out—we will connect with any experts needed to determine what may have happened. In some cases like these, we may be able to bring the company who manufactured or installed the defective part into the lawsuit, absolving you of some or all liability.

Motor Carrier Compliance Attorneys

The regulations that apply to the trucking industry and other transportation industries can be incredibly detailed and complex. Everything from how loads must be secured to how long a driver can keep going without a break is regulated. This body of regulation is always changing as well. It is critical to stay on top of any updates in the law governing your industry.

Failing to comply with industry regulations could result in consequences that may range from being fined to losing a personal injury lawsuit. It is best to have a proactive legal representative working to mitigate your risk. If you work with commercial trucks, trains, or planes, you should have an attorney to advise you on the legal matters affecting your business, from Carmack Amendment cargo claims to intermodal disputes. Having legal representation protects the financial health of your company—in addition to the safety of all involved—by reducing the risk of liabilities.

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SpyratosDavis LLC is highly experienced in representing leaders in the transportation industry. Our seasoned Cook County transportation lawyers will work to keep your business and its operations running smoothly. With offices in Lisle and Chicago, Illinois, we represent clients throughout Cook County and DuPage County. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us today at 630-810-8881.

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