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If you are considering getting divorced, you are in good company. Divorce is no longer looked at as a failure, but rather as a transition. Just as you transitioned from single life to being married, you can transition from married life back to being single. Ending a marriage you are not happy in can be quite a positive life change. Although the process of getting divorced can be complicated, the end result is often well worth it.

At SpyratosDavis LLC, we look at the big picture and approach each case strategically. When we interview you, we will take note of what is most important to you so that we can focus on those issues without neglecting your other preferences. Our lawyers take every issue into consideration when developing a unique strategy for your case. While we often achieve excellent results for our clients in mediation, we are also seasoned litigators who are ready to take your case to court.

Division of Marital Property

Illinois is an equitable division state. All marital property must be divided between the spouses in a manner that is fair to both parties, given the full set of circumstances. Equitable does not mean equal—property is not necessarily divided 50/50. Rather, the court will consider a number of factors when deciding how to divide marital property. This is one of the reasons our attorneys take the time to understand the big picture so that we are aware of all the different factors that could affect how marital assets should divided.

Child Custody and Parenting Plans

If you and your spouse have children together, making a parenting plan is likely to be the most emotionally charged part of your divorce. It is often better to establish a parenting plan by making an agreement with your spouse, as doing it this way keeps your child from becoming involved in the conflict.

If reaching an agreement is not possible, the court will make decisions based on what it believes is in the best interests of the child. Our attorneys will meticulously consider how each factor the court will use to make decisions applies to your case so that we can craft the strongest possible arguments in your favor.

Spousal Support Lawyers in Kane County

People who relied on their spouse for financial support during the marriage are often afraid to get divorced for fear that they will not be able to support themselves. Spousal support exists to help people who were homemakers or only worked a little. It can be temporary or permanent depending on the situation. We will do all we can to make sure you have the support you need after your divorce.

Post-Decree Modifications

Even if your divorce decree met your needs at the time you got divorced, circumstances can change. If you have undergone a significant life change, you may be able to get your divorce decree or parenting plan modified to reflect the changes. For example, if you have lost your job, you may not be able to pay spousal support anymore. Or, if you have primary custody, you might want to relocate with your children to live near family or pursue a career opportunity. We will work to have your divorce decree modified so that it works for you again.

Divorce Mediation

We encourage most clients to try divorce mediation. It is generally faster and less expensive than going to court. However, it does require both you and your spouse to participate and be fair to one another. We find that mediation often works even in high-conflict or complex divorce situations. This strategy also gives both parties far greater control over the end result than either would have if all the decisions were left to a judge.

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