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There is no excuse for domestic violence. No one has the right to be violent towards their romantic partner or other family members. If you have been the victim of domestic violence, you are likely eligible for an Order of Protection. An Order of Protection, commonly known as a "restraining order," is a court order that tells your abuser to stay away from you, your home, your workplace, and other places you frequently visit. If your abuser violates the terms of the protection order, they can be arrested and jailed. While it is not a perfect defense system, a restraining order can drastically reduce the chances of your abuser committing actions that could cause harm to your or your family.

The caring attorneys at SpyratosDavis LLC can help you pursue an Illinois Order of Protection. We make the process as easy as possible for you. While you will likely need to come to court, we can take steps to make you feel safe and comfortable during the proceedings. We find that Illinois courts are inclined to believe survivors and take their words seriously. Before the hearing, we will gather as much evidence as we can to support your case. If you are married to your abuser and interested in divorce, or if you need to address issues related to child custody, we can help you with that as well.

Who Can Get an Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection can be issued in any case where there is or was a romantic, sexual, or family relationship between the parties, and one person has committed an act of domestic violence against the other. The victim may file for an Order of Protection if there has been even one incident of violence or if they reasonably fear that they or other members of their family or household are at risk of harm. You do not need to have been married to your abuser. An Order of Protection can also be issued in cases involving family members, friends, or even complete strangers where there are threats of or actual intimidation, stalking, or violence.

What Can an Order of Protection Do?

There are several ways an order of protection can make you safer. In a protection order, the court can order your abuser to immediately:

  • Stop contacting you - This includes all forms of communication, including passing a message along through friends or addressing you in a social media post.
  • Leave your home - If you still reside with your abuser, they can be ejected from your home. It does not matter whose name the house is in. A restraining order usually includes a term that tells the respondent to stay a certain distance away from the home. However, an Order of Protection cannot divide most other types of marital property or shared property you may have.
  • Stay away from places you go - Your abuser can also be ordered to stay a certain distance from your workplace, your children's schools, and any other places your abuser might know they can likely find you.
  • Give up their weapons - Courts very reasonably do not trust perpetrators of domestic violence with deadly weapons. Your abuser can be ordered to turn in firearms or other dangerous items.
  • Stop abusing you - Your order will likely state clearly that your abuser is not to engage in any further acts of abuse, harassment, intimidation, deprivation of property, or violence.
  • Get treatment - Many people who are violent towards their romantic partners have serious mental health or substance abuse issues. If your partner's substance use or mental illness contributed to their violent behavior, the court can order them to get counseling or treatment.

Getting an Order of Protection can be the beginning of your healing journey. Being in an abusive relationship has likely taken a toll on you. Our goal is to get your abuser away from you so that you can be safe and begin rebuilding.

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