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Most cases settle out of court. That is a simple fact. However, a lot of cases do—and should—go to trial. Litigation is a specific skill that not all law firms or lawyers possess. Trying a case is very different than negotiating a settlement. If there is any possibility that your case will need to go to court and eventually to trial, it is important to choose your attorney carefully. Note that if you are on the defense side, you may need to litigate if you are not willing to pay out a settlement of some sort. If you are being sued for something for which you do not believe you are liable, you may need to prove in court that you are not the cause of the plaintiff's injury. This takes special handling from a seasoned litigator.

SpyratosDavis LLC's attorneys are always prepared to take your case to trial to defend you. We see many lawsuits against our clients that are simply not grounded in fact or in law. Many people who have been hurt in motor vehicle or transportation accidents file a lawsuit immediately before all the evidence has been discovered. Our attorneys are highly skilled in evidence collection and preservation. We begin preparing for trial from day one in order to make sure our case is as strong as possible.

Motor Vehicle Accident Defense Litigation

Even if it looks like you or your client caused a car accident, things are not always what they seem to be. For example, we sometimes see clients accused of rear-ending another driver and then discover that the driver who filed the claim actually backed into our client or stopped suddenly without cause. We take the time to gather all the information and evidence we can find to determine the facts.

Drivers accused of causing an auto accident often have a valid defense. For example, a stop sign might have been obstructed from the driver's view, or the driver could have had a medical emergency while driving. It is common for plaintiffs to refuse to dismiss their case, even when confronted with proof that they are suing someone who is not liable. These cases may need to be taken to trial to avoid paying an undeserved settlement.

Nursing Home Defense Litigation Attorneys in Lisle, IL

Skilled care facilities are very commonly sued any time a resident becomes ill or sustains an injury. Family members of seniors in nursing homes often do not have an accurate understanding of what a nursing home can and cannot do to prevent incidents like falls or skin infections. Our lawyers have the experience needed to represent skilled care facilities in court and at trial. We conduct a complete investigation and prepare the most airtight defense we possibly can.

Construction Litigation Attorney

Construction litigation is fairly common. Construction projects represent a massive investment of money, resources, time, and manpower. When there is a problem or dispute of any kind, the parties are likely to take advantage of the court system to resolve it.

Our experienced construction litigation lawyers have a strong understanding of what is involved in a construction project and how disputes can arise. We are able to assess complex construction disputes and present them in court in a way that is clear and understandable while also framing the case in your favor.

Business and Employment Law Attorney

As an employer, particularly a small business owner, it can be extremely challenging to navigate the overwhelming body of law covering business and employment issues. It is fairly easy for a simple mistake or miscommunication to prompt a lawsuit that threatens your business. You need an attorney who is well-educated in these subject areas to defend you in court and at trial.

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