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Many nursing homes are currently struggling to find and retain the staffing they would like to have. This is nearly a universal problem for skilled care facilities. Your facility is likely doing the best it can despite the shortage of qualified employees. However, even when the best care possible under the circumstances is provided, residents in nursing homes can still sustain personal injuries. In these cases, it is fairly common for a resident's family to proceed directly to litigation without fully understanding the circumstances. A large part of the problem is that residents in nursing homes are generally in very poor health, and they are exceptionally prone to injury and illness.

SpyratosDavis LLC supports the mission of nursing homes to provide care for elders who require a higher level of care than they can receive at home. Our firm understands the challenges nursing homes face and the realities of providing care to elders who can do very little or nothing for themselves. There is tremendous dedication required from the staff. The expectations of family members can sometimes be unrealistic, especially when the family is rarely present. Our lawyers will take great care to protect your facility and the cause it represents.

Attorney for Nursing Home Falls

Many falls that affect senior citizens are inevitable. Families often do not understand that it is not legal to simply restrain any patient who may be a fall risk around the clock. Staff also cannot be present in each resident's room at all times. Families may fail to recognize how important it is for many elders to continue walking to preserve their mobility and independence for as long as possible, even if there is some risk that they could fall.

Bed Sores, Skin Infections, and Pressure Wounds

It can be exceptionally difficult to care for immobile patients. They generally cannot call for assistance when they need to be cleaned, and even with hourly rounds, patients will sometimes wait until a preferred staff member is available. Even with proper care and regular turning, pressure sores can develop for those who are bedbound. In cases where pressure ulcers are caused by a wheelchair, the nursing home may not be the liable party if they did not provide the chair.

Elders often have compromised immune systems. This, coupled with normal age-associated skin thinning, can make seniors very prone to skin damage and infections.

Elopement From Memory Care

Patients in memory care units require a greater degree of supervision and care than most others. One of the major risks with elders suffering from dementia is that they may wander away from their care facility. Short of locking down the facility, it is not always possible to prevent wandering.

Dealing With Family Members

As soon as you realize that there is a possibility of your facility being sued, it is best to immediately reach out to a lawyer. The attorney should facilitate all further communication with the plaintiff.

Families with a loved one in a care facility often have an inaccurate idea of what is involved in elder care and what type of care a facility can or cannot provide. They may struggle emotionally when their family member is injured and seek to blame the facility. It is best to have an attorney who is experienced with nursing home litigation work with these families to resolve these issues.

Nursing Home Litigation Attorneys in DuPage County

Our attorneys are highly experienced litigators, and we will do all we can to guard your facility. With our courtroom experience, we have developed a number of powerful litigation strategies. While we will strive to resolve your case out of court, we are always prepared to fight for you during a trial.

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SpyratosDavis LLC is dedicated to fighting for nursing homes that have been accused of providing substandard care. Our caring team of experienced nursing home litigation lawyers will strive to bring the facts and realities of elder care to light. Contact us to schedule your first consultation at 630-810-8881.

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