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Any construction project is a massive undertaking. There is an immense investment of resources, including time, money, and manpower. The construction business leaves little room for error. A mistake in one area can result in an injury, impact the rest of the project, or change the overall function or aesthetic of the structure. Construction projects operate on contracts. Construction contracts are often rather long, carefully worded, and complex documents that cover nearly every aspect of the project. including whether one party must defend another party, such as a subcontractor's defense of the owner. Most construction litigation cases are, essentially, personal injury or contract disputes.

SpyratosDavis LLC is particularly experienced in construction litigation. Our lawyers understand the construction industry and the contracts upon which it is built. We will take all the time that we need to learn the background of your construction project and the history of the dispute. Each construction project is different, but we have seen and handled many different types of disputes related to personal injury, building, and insurance defense and coverage. Our attorneys are skilled litigators ready to fight for you in the courtroom. However, when appropriate, we negotiate out-of-court settlements.

Construction Site Personal Injury Defense

Injuries may occur during construction projects for a variety of reasons. When an injury victim believes they have suffered harm because of the negligence of others, they may pursue a personal injury lawsuit against a property owner, a construction company, a contractor, or other parties. With our understanding of the issues involved in personal injury cases, we can help defend against these types of lawsuits. We will fully investigate the circumstances surrounding an incident and ensure that liability is determined correctly. With our help, defendants can minimize the losses that may result from construction injuries.

Defective Construction Work

When a construction project or any part of it does not turn out as expected, there is likely to be litigation. Whether the general construction company or a subcontractor was at fault, defective work must be remedied. In many cases, this requires court intervention. However, there are also cases where the defect is not the fault of a contractor or subcontractor, but rather an issue with the materials provided or an error in design.

Our attorneys will investigate in an effort to demonstrate the cause of the alleged defects. We will look at the contract itself as well as the customs observed in the industry and other evidence that may clarify how the contract was understood by each party. SpyratosDavis LLC will also explore whether issues related to insurance coverage will need to be addressed.

Excessive Delays in Building

Many construction projects are delayed and not entirely finished by the estimated completion date. Delays can happen for any number of reasons, and they are not always the fault of anyone in particular. Bad weather can delay a project. Supply chain or employment issues might also force a contractor to pause work until it has the materials or workers needed. Unanticipated changes in the scope of the project can also impact the speed of work. An attorney can help determine whether a delay may be considered unreasonable for the purposes of evaluating a breach of contract claim.

Over-Budget Project Disputes

Cost overruns are some of the most common issues in construction that lead to litigation. When there is an agreed-upon cost for the project or for a subcontracted project, the party paying likely expects that the contractor will adhere to the budget. Unfortunately, real-world construction can be more complicated than the projected expenses. Cost overruns can happen for any number of reasons, from an unexpected increase in the price of materials to weather-related setbacks. Our attorneys can help resolve disputes related to the costs of a project while ensuring that our client's financial interests are protected.

Collections and New Construction

Liens and other encumbrances often come into play when there is new construction or remodeling. It is important to have an attorney work to ensure that these collection claims can be resolved in a way that will allow the project to go forward unimpeded. We can address disputes related to the amount owed or other factors. Our goal is to see any liens addressed in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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