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Your original divorce decree may have reflected the best possible arrangement at the time. However, as time goes by, circumstances change. People change jobs and start making more or less money. Good reasons to move away may arise with either or both parents. Children's needs change over time. Family dynamics change as divorcees remarry or have more children. When life changes happen, you might find that your original divorce decree has become impractical. Fortunately, there is a way to modify an existing divorce decree to reflect changes in circumstances.

SpyratosDavis LLC is experienced in helping divorced people have their decrees or parenting plans modified to reflect the changes in their lives. Our attorneys will work with you to determine what type of modification is needed in order to make your divorce decree fair and reasonable again. While some modifications are easier to obtain than others, our attorneys are skilled in fighting for people who need all types of modifications. From relocating with children to increasing or decreasing spousal maintenance, our lawyers are here to guide you through the process of updating your divorce decree.

When Can a Divorced Person Seek a Modification?

Imagine if anyone was allowed to ask for any change to their divorce decree for any reason. A "final" divorce decree would be nearly meaningless if everyone could seek any changes they liked afterwards. To prevent this type of chaos, Illinois law limits the circumstances under which a person can seek a modification to their divorce decree.

In order to have a court consider your request for a modification, you must be able to show that you have had a substantial and relevant change in life circumstances. Types of changes that are usually considered substantial enough for the court to consider a modification include:

  • Financial changes - If you lose your job or get a significant raise, you may be able to start paying more or less child support or spousal maintenance. Financial changes also include changes in net worth, such as a significant increase in the value of your stock portfolio.
  • Health changes - If your physical or mental health status changes, the court will likely consider modifying your divorce decree to reflect this. If your spouse had much more parenting time because you were battling an illness, and you recover completely, the court may decide to change your parenting time schedule.
  • Living arrangement changes - Living arrangements include both the type of housing and who lives in the household. This category is often particularly important for parents, as their living situation may impact the type of parenting time they can have. Losing a home, moving to a halfway house, moving out of a parents' home, or leaving a questionable partner are all changes in living arrangements that might be significant. Relocating is also generally a significant change, especially if the party who relocates plans to move with the couple's children.
  • Change in needs of the children - If the needs of the children change, the parenting plan can likely be altered to better serve the children's best interests. For example, if one of the children experiences a significant illness, they may need to spend more time with a parent who works from home so they can receive care during the day.

If you have had a significant life change, our attorneys may be able to help you update your divorce decree or parenting plan to meet your new needs. We can fight for modifications to most terms included in your divorce, such as child support, your parenting time schedule, and more.

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SpyratosDavis LLC has years of experience helping divorced people who have had changes in circumstances get the modifications they need to make their divorce decrees work again. Our dedicated team of DuPage County post-decree modifications lawyers will fight to make your divorce decree reflect the changes in your life. Contact us at 630-810-8881 for your initial consultation.

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