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Insurance is a necessity for almost everyone. Anyone who has a car is required to carry auto insurance. Few can afford the out-of-pocket cost of an at-fault auto accident. When a person is involved in a transportation accident, their insurance company is likely to be one of the first places they will turn. Often, policyholders who file a claim do not immediately get the type of compensation they want. Their claim may be denied because the company believes it was made in bad faith or is not one of the types of incidents covered by the policy. Disputes often arise between insurance companies and their policyholders.

SpyratosDavis LLC is experienced in insurance coverage and defense. We understand the complexity of insurance policies and how they can be interpreted. We are also skilled in investigating auto accidents, premises accidents, and property damage in order to uncover the truth about what most likely happened. Our attorneys have experience interpreting complex policy information and applying it to often highly unique real-world situations. While we often succeed in resolving these cases out of court through negotiation, we are also skilled litigators who are prepared to take your case to trial.

Disputes Between Insurance Companies and Policyholders

Very few people fully read their insurance policies before signing them. Some feel they would not understand the "legalese," while others simply assume they will be covered or hope the provisions will never become relevant.

No insurance policy covers all possible causes of damage to a vehicle or property including a home, and they cannot address every possible personal injury or other unfortunate events. Insurance policies can be confusing and lengthy, so policyholders may believe they are covered for a certain type of accident or damage when they are not. In some cases, it may not be clear whether a policyholder is covered.

When the details of an event or the how damage was caused is unclear, this may lead to a dispute between the insurance company and the policyholder or others who file claims. In this situation, the insured may claim the insurance company is acting in bad faith. SpyratosDavis LLC is experienced in representing parties when allegations of bad faith are made, and we can help determine whether an insurance company took the appropriate steps, including completion of an investigation and analysis of the insurance policy.

Our attorneys are skilled in resolving disputes related to insurance coverage, and we represent both insurance companies and policyholders. We will strive to work with both parties to reach a fair and reasonable solution. However, when necessary, we can prosecute or defend an insurance coverage dispute on behalf of our client.

Auto Accident Defense Lawyers in Cook County

Not all accidents are the result of someone being negligent. There are a multitude of reasons why a driver may appear to have caused an accident without truly being at fault. For example, a driver who is reacting to a true emergency may not be liable for colliding with another car. People who have been injured in auto accidents are often quick to place blame on the other driver, and they may proceed to file a claim or a lawsuit without having all the facts.

Defending a car accident claim can be difficult in some cases. Even if a driver has a valid defense, proving the defense can take the skill of an experienced investigative attorney. We may conduct searches for traffic cameras and private security cameras in the areas that might support a driver's defense.

Transportation Insurance Defense

There is an inherent risk of accidents in the transportation industry. No matter how goods are transported, there is always the possibility of an accident occurring. Truck accidents can be very costly. They can cause grave injuries very easily. Many accidents also result in lost shipments. The role of insurance in transportation is pivotal.

If you are facing a transportation-related claim as a defendant, it is important to have skilled legal representation. Our dedicated attorneys have years of experience in the specific field of insurance coverage and defense as it applies to the transportation industry.

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SpyratosDavis LLC is uniquely skilled in the highly complex field of law that is insurance coverage and defense. While countless attorneys represent plaintiffs in auto accident cases, our firm is among the few to see the other side of the case. Our skilled litigators will do all we can to resolve insurance claim issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us at 630-810-8881 to set up your initial consultation.

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