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Family law cases involving child custody and visitation can be intensely emotional. Most parents love their children deeply and are saddened by the idea of spending less time with them. However, when parents separate, it is almost inevitable that the children will need to start spending time with each parent individually. In most cases, children will divide their time between each parent's household. There are two ways for parents who are getting divorced or splitting up to establish a custody and visitation arrangement. The first is to go to court and ask a judge to decide on a parenting time schedule. The other—and usually preferred—way is for the parents to make an agreement.

The attorneys at SpyratosDavis LLC are highly experienced in working with parents who are going through child custody cases. We understand how stressful these cases can be for parents and children alike. We offer zealous and highly strategic representation for parents who must establish parenting plans. Our purpose is to keep you and your child together as much as possible. Whether you choose mediation or litigation, we can work steadily to meet your goals.

Parenting Time and Mediation

Parents may have particular reasons to choose mediation. When a child custody dispute goes to court, the child almost always becomes involved in the conflict. The child may need to testify in court or be evaluated by a guardian ad litem. This can be stressful for a child of any age. Parents who choose mediation can protect their children from this difficulty.

Additionally, when parents are able to make agreements about parenting time that are good for the child, the child can see that their parents are still able to work together for their benefit. This can provide a child with greater emotional stability during their parents' divorce.

Illinois Child Custody Factors

It is relatively rare for a child custody case to go to litigation, but it does happen. If your case must be decided by a judge, we are more than ready to fight for you and your child in the courtroom. We understand the factors judges use to decide custody issues at a high level, and we can strategically address these concerns when advocating for solutions that will provide for the child's best interests.

If your case goes to court, some of the factors the court will consider include:

  • Wishes of the parent and child - Whether the court considers the wishes of the child and how much weight the court gives the child's wishes will depend on the child's age and maturity.
  • Prior arrangements and conduct - If the parents have already separated, they may have an established pattern regarding who cares for the children and when.
  • Health of all parties - The physical and mental health of the parents and children matter. If a child has certain needs that are better met in one parent's household, this may be important. Likewise, it is important if a parent's health may interfere with their ability to care for their children.
  • Child's adjustment to home - Courts may be hesitant to put an order in place that would remove a child from a community they are well-adjusted to and thriving in.
  • Distance between parents' households - Parents who live near each other may be better able to make frequent custody exchanges. If one parent relocates, traveling long distances frequently may not be considered best for the children.
  • Parents' ability to cooperate - The court will assess whether each parent will likely be able to comply with the parenting plan and cooperate with healthy co-parenting practices.
  • Child's interactions with family - How the child interacts with each parent, with their siblings, and with any other family members involved in their life, such as cousins or grandparents, can come into play.

Our attorneys will carefully assess how each factor applies to your particular case in order to develop the strongest case possible.

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