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Adopting a child or becoming the legal guardian of a child can be a beautiful thing, even when it comes out of sad circumstances. This area of family law can be complex, both legally and emotionally. Many adoptive parents have been working towards the goal of becoming parents for many years. Others may set out to become temporary caregivers for children in need, but they may ned up forming true, permanent, parent-child relationships. Guardianship can be quite different—it is not always meant to be permanent and does not make the guardian a legal parent to the minor involved. Our attorneys understand how complicated this can all be, and we will take care to guide you through the proceedings, making sure you are always well-informed about your case.

The lawyers at SpyratosDavis LLC will take as much time as we need to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns. We recognize that this may be a very exciting, or conversely, a very upsetting time in your life. Your representation will be skillfully tailored to meet your particular needs and those of the child involved. No matter the circumstances of your case, we will work to ensure that legal proceedings go as smoothly as possible. We know you are likely spending the majority of your free time helping the child in question adjust to their new environment, and we will work to limit any disruptions to your routine.

DuPage County Adoption Attorneys

If you want to become a permanent, legal parent to a child who was born to others, adoption is the best option. There are several types of adoption in Illinois. Agency adoption is typically used by people who want to become parents but cannot or do not want to have biological children. An adoption agency matches prospective parents who want to adopt with babies whose parents want to place them for adoption or children who have no legal parents living.

Another type of adoption involves people adopting a child who is already a member of their family, or in some cases, their social circle. This type of adoption typically occurs when the child's parents have passed away or are unfit to care for the child. For example, if a child's parents are both drug addicts who have endangered the child and lost custody, an aunt, uncle, or grandparent may be able to adopt the child.

Foster parent adoption is a special type of adoption. If a foster child is a ward of the state, foster parents may be able to use a special process to formally become the child's legal parents.

Guardianship of Minor Children

Guardianship is a bit different than adoption. It gives the guardian many of the same rights a parent would have, but it does not create a parent-child relationship. Unlike adoption, which is permanent, guardianship automatically terminates when the child turns 18 years old or marries.

Guardianship can also be deliberately temporary. A single parent who is going somewhere they cannot easily be reached, such as backpacking in a remote area or prison, may give a family member temporary guardianship of their child.

One big reason why guardianship can be complicated is that the child's existing parents may still have parental rights. A motion for guardianship of a child can be contested by their birth parents. Even if you win your case and become the child's guardian, your guardianship does not terminate the parents' rights.

In many cases, the biological parents ultimately want their child back, and do have a chance of making this happen. Children often need guardians because their parents are unable to care for them due to substance abuse, mental illness, or criminal activity. If the parents make the right changes, they may be able to regain custody later.

If you are considering in becoming a child's legal guardian, it is important to be represented by an attorney. Our lawyers will take the time to understand the entire set of circumstances surrounding your case so that we can best serve you.

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