About Us

About Us

At SpyratosDavis LLC, we pledge to be your champion. Our team provides experienced, results-oriented legal representation for our clients. From Illinois offices in Lisle and Chicago, we handle a wide range of legal services for individuals and large and small businesses throughout Northern Illinois.

What sets us apart from other firms? Our candor, our innovation, our drive, and our commitment to make good on our promises. We arm ourselves with contemporary advances to comply with your technological needs, and we track our metrics. We avoid snail mail, typewriters, and fax machines that beep incessantly and take up counter space. We are driven to ease your mind and resolve your legal issues.

Our job -- and our pledge -- is to help our clients. Help does not mean applying the same rote strategy to every issue, wearing a fancy suit, or speaking in legal jargon. It means identifying your case-specific issues, and helping you find the most effective and efficient path to resolution of those issues.

Our culture also includes active participation and leadership in the legal community, charitable organizations, and professional development.

We encourage you to contact us for a consultation so that we can meet, share a cup of coffee, and discuss your unique objectives, issues, and concerns. Together we will determine the appropriate strategy for your legal matter.