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Will My Illinois Divorce Records Be Public?

 Posted on May 21,2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerMost people understandably want to keep their divorce as private as possible. After all, divorce tends to be a low moment in life, even if it is ultimately the right decision for everyone involved. Divorce usually involves sensitive, private information, including about young children.  Because of this, people are often disappointed or afraid to learn that their divorce records are public, especially when they start dating again, and want to keep that information private.

However, not all divorce records are publicly available, and in certain cases, there may be ways to seal a divorce record. It is important to talk to an experienced Illinois divorce attorney to understand your options.

Should I Tell My New Partner That I Am Divorced?

Yes, you should tell your new partner that you are divorced. Being honest about your past is important for building trust and a strong foundation in your new relationship. Not telling your new partner that you have already been married could cause serious misunderstandings and feelings of betrayal later on. Talking about your past, even when it is hard, also shows that you are open and willing to communicate, which is essential for a healthy and supportive partnership.

Can Someone Look Up Specific Details Of My Divorce? 

If someone looks up your divorce records, he or she can only see the names of the people involved (i.e., you and your spouse) and some of your personal information. Information about alimony, child support, and child custody is not public.

If you did not tell your new partner that you are divorced and he or she decides to look up your public records and discover a divorce, it is important to address your past openly. Explain your situation and provide any necessary context about your past. Being clear and honest is important, especially if your new partner feels like you should have already told him or her about your previous marriage.

However, trust goes both ways, and you may want to ask yourself whether you want to seriously consider a relationship with someone who is willing to snoop through your public records.

How Can You Find Someone’s Divorce Records? 

Anyone can look up someone else’s divorce records simply by going to the website of the Circuit Court Clerk in the county where the divorce happened. In Illinois, you can look up court records on the Circuit Court’s website; simply search in the Family Division section to find family law records, including divorce.

You can also go to the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s office in person. You do not need to make an appointment but check office hours before you go.

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